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Characters lead the story

Characters lead the story

This is what I realized when I learned the art of fiction writing. The protagonist is the main character/hero of the story. The best way to start writing the story is to first write the detailed description of your protagonist and then start with the plot.

But why do characters lead the story? Characters have characteristics, distinguishing features, typical, distinct qualities. These qualities define what will happen in the story. You may think an important part of the story is the situations or conflicts. But it is actually how characters react to those situations that lead the story and how it will end eventually.

Do you think characters lead the story in real-life too?

Yes. Imagine an aggressive/assertive/ submissive person in a conflict with the boss.

Imagine a strong confident woman facing an abusive relationship vs a gullible one.

Imagine two loving souls facing a natural calamity together vs two selfish ones together on a deserted island.

Well, you get the point.

You are the hero of your life story. Your characteristics, your mindset has the power to decide whether you win or lose. You can control how people treat you. You can decide how you will behave in the toughest times. You can make or break relationships. You can decide how you spend every day of your life despite the situations, whether to fight back or accept what comes your way. You can decide if you want love, respect, success in your life.

You are now aware of the power within you, let me tell you one more secret. You have the power to change these characteristics and grow every day.

Tell me, how do you want to write your life story?