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Do I Need Life Coaching?

From the time I have introduced myself as a Life coach, the first question that I encounter is always What is life coaching? Well, that one I have already explained. Please visit my website https://aspirelifecoaching.in/.

This is my attempt to answer all such questions

1. How does someone know that he/she needs life coaching?

I would say we all need life coaching at some point in our life.

Life coaching is not only for those who are looking for solutions to their problems. It is also for those who want to live their life well and achieve success.

Imagine you are always completely clear, stable, peaceful, happy, and focused. You are free from all your energy draining feelings like anger, guilt, shame, anxiety, stress. You are channelizing all your energy towards your goals and living a happy and healthy life.

Well if you are already living that kind of life, you do not need life coaching. But if you feel you are getting tired, angry, stuck despite your best efforts the smart decision is to avail the tools available to help you get through

2. If I need help, does that mean I am weak?

Everyone is equipped with a lot of knowledge in some areas, but we always seek help in other areas. We go to a plumber and electrician to get things fixed, doctors, or gym instructor. Simply because they have studied that subject and know intricacies we otherwise won’t.

Similarly, Life Coaches have studied how to manage the mind to get results quickly. Why would seeking help in any area of expertise make you think you are weak? We all need to work together to reach our goals.

Seeking help makes you smart, not weak.

3. What do I need to do for coming for Life coaching?

All that you really need to do is to be passionate and committed to your goals, and the rest will follow. I am here to help, not burden you. Once you cross the barriers of these questions, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor and the beauty of life.

Sometimes we think we can’t fix everything in life. I understand that you have made your peace with the life you are living, but just give it one more try with the help of studied tools and techniques. I repeat,

Don’t settle for less than happiness.