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What do you want in your life Perfection or excellence? So often we hear perfectionist as a compliment. But what happens when you are a perfectionist? Who defines perfection? And most important, how frequently can you really achieve perfection?


Well, I am not against perfection. I am all for it if it makes you happy, all the time, or most of the time. If it leaves you exhausted, stressed, and feeling inadequate then is it worth it? Only a perfectionist would know how it feels to try to perfect something every day.

Imagine you are looking at a long spread field, full of colorful flowers everywhere. You can just see in any direction and all you can see are miracles of nature all around. But alas, it’s not perfect. There are patches around where there are no flowers, or they are yet to bloom. Somewhere twigs and fallen leaves are a little disturbing.

That’s what life is all about, it cannot be perfect all the time. Amidst lots of perfect things, there will be patches of imperfection. Now it’s you who can choose where you would like to look, and that will shape the happiness quotient of your life.

I know, I know. Now you may reason that without perfection how will we do good work, how will we grow.

Have you tried excellence?

What if we decide to do everything just a little better than yesterday, but not perfect? Imagine being excited about a new milestone, and a sense of achievement every day. It’s a way to grow consistently and be happy every day.

Perfection may look well perfect, but the way to it is overwhelming and stressful. And as they say, enjoy the journey not only the destination.

The choice is yours, Perfection or Excellence?